Our Ref: UNDP Albania-IRH-RFQ-2017-16- Provision of Developer for Open Contracting Standard



1.      Analysing, Designing, development and management of ICT solutions

2.      digital transformation and IoT platform development

3.      design, appraisal and strengthening of procurement systems

4.      Conduct a business process mapping for the Public Procurement Commission;

5.      Development of quality infrastructure with a strong participation from the customer/user side

6.      Review the existing system that the procurement bodies use and prepare a document defining the technical specifications for the project, to ensure interoperability between the different line institutions (these specifications will be used to develop a scalable open source system with core processes automated, upon which additional modules can be built, as described and to be obtained in deliverable 5);

7.      Coordinate endorsement and revise as needed technical specifications by the line institutions, including the National Agency on Information Society;

8.      Develop an electronic filing cabinet for the Public Procurement Commission, in line with the agreed upon technical specifications;

9.      Prepare a document outlining the workflow, and develop a software tool for the case management system, in line with the defined workflow and interoperability requirements (defined in deliverable 2), for the Public Procurement Commission – including but not limited to user management, filing a complaint, assigning case files, generating a verdict by using the open contracting data standard;

10.    Publish the generated information, in accordance with legislation in place, on the website of the Public Procurement Commission;

11.    Train the relevant staff of the public procurement commission in the usage of the system and develop user and administration manuals.

The design of the system should be in accordance with DCM No. 945, dated 02.11.2012 “On the approval of the Regulation” Administration of the System of State Data Base ” and DCM no. 710, dated 21 August 2013, “On the Establishment and Functioning of Information Retention Systems, Continuity of Work and Service Level Agreements”. The tool needs to be approved National Agency on Information Society, Republic of Albania according to DCM nr.703 dated 29.10.2014 “About National Agency on Information Society “.

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