Our Ref: Technical Assistance for Developing a Database for Identification & Registration of Ovine and Caprine Animals for Ministry of Agriculture of Turkey (EuropeAid/128143/D/SER/TR)


  • Analysis, Design, development and management of the ICT solutions
  • Business analysis
  • Software development
  • digital transformation and IoT platform development
  • Development of quality infrastructure with a strong participation from the customer/user side
  • Technology applied: web based multi layer and multi user application, .net, IIS, inter-network routing architectures, and the underlying network security technologies, and in scripting and Oracle RDBMS , Oracle Apex over MS environment
  • Transferring from classic bureaucracy the Ministryto New Public Management and to network and digital governance in terms of ICT technology and Turkish Public Administration Reform of 2023 and benefitting by local citizen and central management and benefiting by national animal producer to manage their operations via e-government services,

Business Process Automation and Entity Management

  • HW and SW installation
  • graphic design of electronic information, guidelines, training materials, leaflets
  • Design and development a network
  • Training
  • GIS Software (Mapinfo) Integration

Technology: .net, Oracle, Web Forms, MVC Framework, Microsoft Entity Framework, Visual studio IDE, Advanced SQL knowledge, SQL Reporting Service, External File processing (Excel, PDF and Word)

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