Our Ref: Short-Term National Institutional Consultancy School Orientation Programme Web Design- Ref: EDU/TURA/2015-J


  • Analysing, Designing, development and management of ICT solutions
  • Business analysis, Business Process Automation and Entity Management
  • Web interface that communicates with an existing database
  • HW and SW installation
  • Design and development a network
  • Development of quality infrastructure with a strong participation from the customer/user side
  • graphic design of electronic information, printed products
  • Document Management System
  • Up and running web application on the assigned server
    • The application should be ready in order to upload the content and should support both languages
    • The application shall be configured to meet performance and security requirements
  • Documentation (source code of programming, database design, technical documents and manuals)
  • System maintenance and administration training on performance, security, backup and upgrades & updates subjects
  • Technical support (maintenance, fixation, improvement, etc.) to the MoNE

Technology: .net, MySQL, Web Forms, MVC Framework, Microsoft Entity Framework, Visual studio IDE, Advanced SQL knowledge, External File processing (Excel, PDF and Word)

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