Running a Estonian Company as remote (Banking)

Opening your account

estonian company formation

tw-flag-transparent.pngTransferWise Borderless
Account type Electronic Money account (i) Business current account Business bank account
Guarantees on deposits Not applicable
Deposits are not covered by FSCS, any guarantee fund or compensation scheme
Not applicable
Deposits are not covered by any guarantee fund or compensation scheme
€100 000
Estonian state-backed guarantee of €100 000 on all deposits
Supported currencies Multicurrency account
Over 40 different currencies supportedSend money to 50+ countriesLocal account details provided for
Holvi only accepts payments in euros from SEPA countriesStandard IBAN & SWIFT/BIC
Multi-currency account
15 different currencies supported (excl. USD)
International bank transfers via SWIFT Yes No Yes
Availability for LeapIN customers E-residents globally E-residents globally E-residents globally
Customers currently not supported Countries listed on TW website

US residents from the states not listed on TW website

FATF high-risk and non-cooperative jurisdictions

US residents and/or under the US FATCA report requirement.

FATF high-risk and non-cooperative jurisdictions

FATF high-risk and non-cooperative jurisdictions
Remote online onboarding Yes Yes No. Visit to Estonia required for a F2F bank meeting
LeapIN supported on-boarding & KYC No
A separate KYC process designed by TransferWise, no integration with LeapIN
A separate KYC process designed by Holvi, no integration with LeapIN
Integrated KYC process – pre-filled application forms, digital signing & pre-acceptance for a bank account before traveling
Integration with LeapIN Manually supported via export & import of statements Manually supported via export & import of statements Seamless API integration – automatic sync of transactions and account balance
Mobile app Yes
Mobile app for transferring money
Mobile app for uploading receipts and invoices
Fully functional mobile banking application
Monthly fee FREE
No monthly fees, no setup cost
Starting from €9 per month
e-Residency account tailored to e-Residents
€100 setup fee and €10 monthly fee starting from 01.11.2018
-50% discount from LHV’s regular price listfor LeapIN customers
Bank cards Not yet available for business customers FREE
Holvi Business Mastercard
Foreign currency exchange fee 2%
€2 per month
LHV Business Debit Mastercard
Online purchases supported
SEPA bank transfer fees A fixed charge 50 transfers for FREE (per month, in & out)
After this €0.25 per transfer
Top up of the account FREE via bank transfer Charges when adding by card FREE via bank transfer 2.5% per payment when using instant top up FREE via bank transfer
Withdraw to bank A fixed charge 50 transfers included monthly
After this €0.25 per transfer
Not applicable
Account limits for transactions Limits to USD transactions apply NIA Adjustable, depending on your agreement terms
Support for payment gateways NIA (To be tested…) Yes
Using Holvi with external service providers
PayPal, Braintree, EveryPay etc
Other benefits & features TW has gained access to the UK Faster Payments Service (FPS) Switch between currencies & make payments at the best possible rate. No setup or monthly charges Instant local bank details in the UK, US Australia and the Eurozone:
GBP – Acc. No & Sort Code
USD – ABA & Acc. No
AUD – Acc. No & BSB code
Holvi card is seamlessly connected to your Holvi mobile app Built-in online store app. Holvi solution includes some basic bookkeeping features like:
– automatically recorded invoices
– reports like general ledger and accounting journal
– creating & sending sales invoices. Please note that Holvi bookkeeping features are not sufficient for accounting and compliance of your Estonian company
International payments also available with currency exchange through TransferWise. Close integration with EveryPay payment gateway. Secure online banking Fixed-term and demand deposits Free of charge SEPA payments, deposits and reasonable withdrawals
Source TW Borderless Holvi LHV Bank


What are the bank and transaction fees?

If you use bank accounts, payment gateways etc. to make or receive payments, the following fees may occur:

  • Bank/merchant account setup fees

  • Bank/merchant account maintenance fees

  • Gateway fees

  • Service fees per transaction charged by banks or gateways involved

  • Currency exchange fees

You can also check the full LHV price list (Valid starting from 1st of November 2018), TransferWise borderless pricing, or Holvi pricing, for more information.

These fees are all considered business expenses, as long as the relevant transactions were related to your business activities.

Which currencies are supported by LeapIN partner banks?

If you bank with LHV, then you can send and receive the following currencies to and from your bank account:


Please note that it’s not possible to receive USD to your LHV bank account.

LHV won’t automatically convert the funds you receive into euros. If you wish to convert them, you’ll need to create a currency exchange order in your online bank to convert between currencies.

With TransferWise borderless you can hold money in over 40 currencies within your borderless account.

And Holvi currently only supports euros.

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