Features Profanity software Accessible via an admin and API interaces; detect, identify, prevent and report profanity / insult at a rate of 80% and goes up to 90% including preprocessing stage. identify the originator and the source, Self-learning and eliminating human effort, Machine Learning (ML) based, Increases the accuracy rate by providing adaptation to new data over time, Analyze Streaming live data Via feedback forms, we detect our misclassifications and improve upon. Profanity filter features detecting
Profanity Software InfrastructureAnalyze and Detect Profanity in Social Media Accounts, Portal(s) by Profanity software Features Profanity software Accessible via an admin and API interface, Integrated with Buzz-preventer so that the output from Buzz-preventer is analyzed by Buzz-analyzer for intelligent reports, Easy one button integration with your Facebook and Twitter accounts to eliminate the risk of profanity, Generation of periodic reports for profanity on either live strem of data or on accounts – especially for enterprise
Can I use subcontractors? You can use subcontracting and cover the costs which contribute directly to the services/products you provide to your customers. There are no limitations to the nature, size or geographical location of the subcontractors you hire. You can transact with subcontractors directly, or via different marketplaces (e.g. Upwork, Freelancer.com etc). In case the subcontractor is a non-incorporated private person who can’t issue a proper invoice, please sign a simple written agreement with
How can I close my company and how much does it cost? If you decide to close your company in Estonia, there’s a requirement to appoint an official liquidator, and at least one liquidator must reside in Estonia. This means you’ll need somebody in Estonia to assist you, even if you happen to be familiar with the process and already have the required input. If you do need to close your company, we recommend a
What is the required share capital and when do I need to pay it? When you register a private limited company in Estonia, you need to pay €2 500 as company share capital (the payment can be postponed and paid in instalments). Do not confuse the required share capital with state fees – your company still owns the share capital and you’re free to use the sum in your business operations, once it’s been paid
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