Our Ref: Technical Assistance for the preparation of ToR, Technical Specifications (TS) and tender Dossier of the Project (FWC-Lot3) : Telecommunications and Information Technologies; EuropeAid/127054/C/SER/multi


  • The overall objective is to reinforce EU market surveillance regulations and strengthen the capacity for product safety in the ICT sector of Turkey and facilitate free movement of goods.
  • Development of quality infrastructure with a strong participation from the customer/user side
  • The specific purposes of this project is to support the ICTA (Information and Communication Authority/Public Administration of Turkey) in preparing tender dossier of the project with reference number TR2010/0301.01 by preparing its ToRs for the service component (development of Technical Specification and solution and Technical Specification of the software and solution for the supply component and other related documents (market research, budget breakdown etc.) in compliance with the PRAG rules.
  • review and revision of the Feasibility study, preparation of gap analysis, analysis of the existing legal framework, preparation of draft proposal
  • Business Process Automation and Entity Management
  • Europaid Procurement
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